The Peak Total Investment Master Fund is a segregated portfolio company (SPC) composed of three underlying portfolios, each of which is available to non-U.S. and accredited U.S. investors. Peak Total, Peak Tail, and Peak Zero utilize separate but complementary blends of Peak’s signature options trades, developed and honed by the firm’s founders over the course of a decade. The investment strategy underpinning the trades combines a razorlike emphasis on capital preservation with the production of consistent returns.

Officially launched in April 2020, the Peak Total Segregated Portfolio now has three years of live, audited returns by Grant Thornton (available upon request). The Fund is served by two independent directors in the Cayman Islands, and independently administered by NAV Consulting, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois. NAV manages and coordinates reporting, subscriptions, redemptions, NAV calculation, and bank account control for each of the Fund’s three segregated portfolios.

The Fund is registered in the Cayman Islands with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and with the SEC in the United States.

More information on each of the Peak portfolios may be found below.

Peak Total

Segregated Portfolio

Peak Total Segregated Portfolio comprises a series of non-directional, long-dated options strategies that work together to most efficiently extract premium in the options market in a risk-defined manner.

Peak Tail

Segregated Portfolio

Peak Tail Segregated Portfolio aims to provide outsized positive returns during black swan market crashes.

Peak Zero

Segregated Portfolio

Peak Zero Segregated Portfolio utilizes a set of strategies that efficiently extract the disproportionately high premium inherent in options contracts that expire at the end of the trading day.