The PEAK Total Investment Fund is comprised of three underlying portfolios. The two primary portfolios are the PEAK Tactical Blend, which are the base trades, and the PEAK Options Blend, which provides a second layer of returns through complex options strategies. These are the foundation of the fund and the primary investments. The third portfolio is the PEAK Tail Blend, which, as the name suggests, provides outsized returns during market calamity to hedge the base portfolios while also providing its own respectable return. Combined, our three portfolios provide non-correlation to the general market and to each other, resulting in lower drawdowns and more robust compounding. Click on each link below for detailed descriptions and results for each blend.

PEAK Tactical Blend

The foundation of our fund. It primarily captures momentum and mean reversion market tendencies across a broad range of asset classes. A sound and diverse blend of minimally-correlated trading approaches.

PEAK Options Blend

Running concurrently with the PEAK Tactical Blend is the PEAK Options Blend, a set of strategies designed to extract premium in the options market. We trade four, non-correlated income strategies to create a combined time series that provides increased geometric returns by way of lower drawdowns and better compounding through diversification. Our Options Blend is the juicer to the base Tactical Blend.

PEAK Tail Blend

The true outlier, PEAK Tail Blend provides inversely-correlated optionality return profiles that will yield extreme outsized returns in market calamity. While it helps to hedge our base portfolios during times of extreme market meltdowns, its asymmetric return profile would vastly out-produce those drawdowns and provide overall outsized gains to the fund.